• À travers les folies métèques des artistes, nous cheminons tous vers un nouveau monde, parsemé de « jardins de lumières », là où l’alchimie opère depuis 15 ans et opérera pendant des années encore.

  • Accompanied by Canadian and American musicians, Farida and Hamam Khairy take us on a flying carpet through their infinite breeze, ceaselessly regenerating itself, that revives, if only during a brief concert, the beating heart of Aleppo and Bagdad…

  • For lovers of raï or of wild nights of dancing, Kader Japonais promises a volcanic concert reminiscent of the exhilaration of Oran’s cafés or the fever of Marseille streets!

  • In her Maqams of love, Aicha Redouane enhances the beauty of mystical poems and brings us to exalt the Wonderful through the 1001 facets of a refined musical style, toward the authentic tarab, or musical ecstasy!

  • A true immersion, richly brocaded in the mystical and sacred heart of the world, this concert is a fascinating and moving journey into the midst of the musical creativity of peoples. “Nafass” or how to pray in a house of many mansions!

  • An authentic artist who conveys a true symbiosis between his soul and that of the ney, he is forever seeking new artistic experiences, crossing musical paths with the OktoEcho ensemble

  • With its revisited interpretations of noubas and of the Haouzi and Madih repertories, the duo charms its audiences through the delicacy and refinement of its incantations and through its hymns to passion and love conveyed by a unique vibrato.

  • Freed “slaves,” foreign or local, regardless of origin or background, head to the dance floor for the first bit of madness at the 15th FMA, in a brilliant and dazzling show, faithful to the spirit of African night.

The FMA free events start on October 17 with music and dance performances!           Exhibition “15 Folies métèques” from October 24 to November 10.

Next events :

  • inka edigar


    Free Events

    17/10/2014 - 17:30 - Espace Georges-Emile Lapalme, Place des Arts

    An Oriental dance virtuoso and stage companion of Ilhan Karabaçak, German dancer and choreographer Inka Strobl, accompanied by Melissa Chabot of the Ethereal Tribal troupe and kung fu master...

  • Capoeira 190


    Free Events

    17/10/2014 - 18:30 - Espace Georges-Emile Lapalme, Place des Arts

    An unusual discovery of the art of capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that mixes wrestling, dance, acrobatics and music, presented by Embondeiro Capoeira.

  • IMG_1883

    Ô - Guitare et Bali steel pan

    Free Events

    17/10/2014 - 19:00 - L'Escalier

    A world/fusion duo exploring blends of beats, melodies and flavours, Ô brings together the guitar and the Bali steel pan (Indonesian hang drum).

  • 112-2


    Free Events

    18/10/2014 - 17:30 - Espace Georges-Emile Lapalme, Place des Arts

    Surkalén blends the South American musical heritage with Oriental sounds, African beats and world music in a style they call ethno-fusion.

  • photo orientalys août 2014 A

    Sylva Balassanian

    Free Events

    18/10/2014 - 18:30 - Espace Georges-Emile Lapalme, Place des Arts

    Lady Sylva offers a world of sound deliciously scented with the warm accents of her native Lebanon, sprinkled with Oriental colours, interspersed with Western rigour and sometimes pierced by the...

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