18th EDITION 27 OCT – 12 NOV 2017


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October 2017


27 October - 16:00 17:00 - Espace Georges-Emile Lapalme, Place des Arts

Born of a flash encounter between the two musicians, Perséides opens up a remarkable world that pairs the refinement of Persian traditional and classical music with jazz and western classical music. In a fine summer night’s shower of shooting stars, the gentle fervour of the santour backs the warm breath of the double bass on a journey into the heart of our imagination.

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18th edition of the FMA

27 October - 16:00 12 November - 23:00

For its 18th edition, the Arab World Festival of Montreal lavishes its attention on the poets, dancers, musicians and acrobatic spirits who let themselves be guided by the unexpected. From East to West, we find fortuitous encounters, hidden pathways and unusual tributes to life, as cruel and atrocious at it may be! But also a few words from a delirious bard in these lines inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s The Madman: Brothers in disappointment, masters of evasion, how many promised or…

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27 October - 17:00 18:00 - Espace Georges-Emile Lapalme, Place des Arts

Smitten by a lover named music, the tandem awakens the passion of hearts with its songs. Back by their instruments, the guitar and violin respectively, the two musicians take us into a nomadic repertory in a tumult of energy that plays on languages and borders.

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27 October - 20:00 22:00 - Le National

Bargou, a lonely mountain village in the northwest of Tunisia, is the guardian of an ancestral heritage in a country in transition. Echoing an emblem of the Tunisian landscape, this Belgian-Tunisian collective defends a heritage on the verge of marginalization and sculpts its identity through forgotten melodies and modern beats. Armed with a synthesizer and 300-year-old lyrics, Bargou 08 displays vigour and originality, defining itself by a sound that is both a tribute to the past and an anthem to the future!

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28 October - 18:00 19:00 - Espace Passerelle

An outstanding artist and virtuoso of the Oriental flute, Rachid Zeroual will captivate his Montréal audience with the enchanting sound of the ney. An authentic musician conveying a true symbiosis between his soul and that of the ney, he is forever seeking new experiments. Arriving from Morocco for a series of concerts in Québec, he will present an outstanding performance in a warm and intimate setting.

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28 October - 19:30 21:30 - École De Musique Vincent D’Indy

Fairouz Oudjida and her orchestra Under the musical direction of Mouayad Khaldi and accompanied by her orchestra, soprano Fairouz Oudjida will pay tribute to the great diva Fairouz. An even offering great moments of emotion conveyed by the outstanding voice of Fairouz. Co-presentation with SN-Production Price : 35$ (taxes included plus service fees)   Buy your tickets  

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29 October - 17:00 18:45 - Université Concordia – SGWU Alumni auditorium (H-110)

Following the sold out screenings of Bennesbeh Labokra, Chou? in 2016, the FMA presents the next original Ziad Rahbani play to be released as a film: Film Ameriki Tawil, enhanced by a major improvement in picture and sound quality, will revive the unique moments of this masterpiece of the Lebanese theater.

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29 October - 19:00 20:00 - Le Cagibi

It is a meeting of two talented musicians – one an Egyptian and master of the oud, the other a Syrian and qanun player – who are gathering to perform a repertory inspired by the great classics of Arab music. It is a living tribute, with the creation of one blending with the inspiration of the other.

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29 October - 20:00 22:00 - Le National

Nicknamed the nightingale of Moroccan song, Nabyla Maan is among the artists who enchant us with breathtaking performances, carried by a soft, crystalline voice. Born in Fez into a family of music-lovers, Nabyla developed an interest in traditional Moroccan music from a very early age. Her passion for Arab-Andalusian musical styles induced her to seek knowledge of this art from the greatest masters. As a contemporary artist, Nabyla takes a modernistic approach to ancient Moroccan musical styles and revisits the…

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31 October - 20:00 22:00 - Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts

Amidst the rubble of a radio station obliterated by a terrorist attack, a surviving journalist and a pianist bring out the insolence of words and the tenderness of notes to narrate Hourya, an impossible love story amidst a war that ravages lives, erases the colours from a dream and steals the fragrances of spring.

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November 2017


1 November - 20:00 22:00 - Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts

Sudanese-born Rasha Sheikh Eldine, exiled in Spain to escape her country’s political regime, draws inspiration from the beats and sounds gathered in the course of her travels, exhaling the warm colours of the Nubian desert by means of her powerful and ethereal voice. The youngest of 18 children, Rasha grew up in Khartoum in a family of musicians before emigrating to Spain alongside her brother, a former member of the Spanish group Radio Tarifa.

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2 November - 20:00 22:00 - Centre Phi

Both a high plateau and an occupied area, the Golan is dreamt as a playground, a place of exchange, a crossroad of modernity.” This is the angle from which Hubert Dupont and his companions imagine a poetic future for this land of endless conflicts, immersing us in their intoxicating worlds to the sound of bold and ceaselessly renewed melodies.

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2 November - 20:00 22:00 - Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts

If there is truly an outstanding voice that has emerged from the contemporary Arab musical scene and extends far beyond its borders, it is that of Waed Bouhassoun. With a timbre of a quality rarely heard nowadays, the voice of this young singer, oud player and composer achieves perfect mastery of the modulations of classical song, elevating her to the ranks of the great names of Arab song such as Oum Kalthoum and Asmahan.

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L’étoile d’Alger by Rachid Benhadj

3 November - 17:00 18:45 - Cinéma du parc

Moussa is a musician who dreams of becoming the Michael Jackson of Algiers. Displaying equal measures of talent and energy, Moussa pursues this seemingly outlandish ambition by playing with his small band of musicians, first in wedding parties and then in nightclubs. Soon enough, Moussa’s hopes become realities, and he’s proclaimed the new "Star of Algiers." But not everyone admires his music and his lifestyle, and Moussa’s modern ways draw the unwanted attention of his neighborhood’s conservative religious clerics — one of whom is his own brother.

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3 November - 19:00 20:30 - Cinéma du parc

Therese is the wife of a mayor of a small village in Lebanon. The highly anticipated visit of the family of her daughter’s suitor causes much excitement in her life. Therese’s brother, who was killed by a Syrian explosion 20 years ago, still features heavily in the family’s home and looms large. Unable to contain her joy, Therese even shares her happiness with her deceased brother – through his photographs – until she discovers that her long-awaited guests are from Syria…

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3 November - 20:00 22:00 - Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts

Les Violons du Roy, Oktoecho, Leïla Gouchi, Rachid Zeroual… Autant de noms que d’univers réunis dans un concert aux teneurs inédites, où les cordes de l’Ouest s’invitent à l’Est, sous le signe des grandes rencontres empanachées et le tremblement des aventures improbables.

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Timgad by Fabrice Benchaouche

4 November - 17:00 18:45 - Cinéma du parc

Lorsqu’il foule le sol algérien, Jamel, archéologue français d’origine algérienne, vient pour effectuer des fouilles sur les sublimes ruines romaines du village de Timgad. Le passé s’offre à lui, et le présent lui tombe dessus lorsqu’il est propulsé entraineur de foot de l’équipe locale. Des gamins qui jonglent avec un quotidien ordinaire, qui n’ont ni maillot ni chaussure, mais dribblent avec talent. Entre vestiges antiques et plaies des luttes récentes, Jamel découvre sur ce terrain les racines tortueuses et les jeunes pousses d’une Algérie qui se rêve réconciliée…et championne de foot.

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Single, Married, Divorced (Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb) by Shady Hanna

4 November - 19:00 20:50 - Cinéma du parc

Après le grand succès de son premier volet, « Célibataire, marié et divorcé » (Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb) revient avec la version masculine de l’histoire. Si dans le premier film on suivait les aléas amoureux de quatre femmes, dans ce deuxième opus on se retrouve de nouveau en plein cœur de Beyrouth pour témoigner de l’histoire de quatre protagonistes masculins aux romances tout aussi colorées ! Deux sont célibataires, deux sont en couple… Tous sont aux prises avec les tumultes et les questionnements de leurs relations amoureuses. C’est une quête, à la fois drôle et sensible, de l’amour avec un grand « A ». Un Sex and the city masculin, à l’orientale !

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4 November - 20:00 22:00 - Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts

With its keen interest in original musical encounters, the Regard Persan ensemble is choosing to explore oral musical traditions by inviting singer Alicia Carrasco, a rising star in contemporary flamenco, accompanied by guitarist José Manuel León, coming specially from Andalusia for this occasion.

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Bravo Virtuoso by Levon Minasian

5 November - 17:00 18:30 - Cinéma du parc

Alik, 25, has been raised by his grandfather, conductor of a renowned classical orchestra in post-Soviet Armenia where cultural institutions are failing and oligarchs allied with the mafia hold power. Alik, a clarinetist, is the virtuoso in this orchestra whose existence is seriously threatened when its key sponsor is murdered. One night, Alik comes into possession of a hired killer's mysterious telephone, which is used only to commission hits. Manipulated by a crook's daughter with whom he falls hopelessly in love and wishing to save the orchestra at all costs, Alik decides to take on the identity of the killer known as "The Virtuoso" and attempt to carry out his contracts. But Alik is a virtuoso musician, not a killer.

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