Performing Arts

DATE : 29/10/2016 - 20h00 / 8:00 pm

LOCATION : Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts - 175, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

ENTRANCE : 28$, 38$, 52$ + Fees.

A musical odyssey in tribute to a pluralistic Syria!

ABEER NEHME accompanied by OKTOECHO ensemble

With the participation of the WHIRLING DERVISHES OF ALEPPO

With the participation of Anouar Berrada

(Lebanon, Syria, Morroco,Quebec, Ontario)


In a truly fascinating musical odyssey to the heart of the countries of the Levant, called Bilad El Cham or Greater Syria in an earlier era, the opening evening of the FMA explores the gems of a heritage that is among the world’s richest and most diversified but is now threatened with disappearance. Drawing on the symbolism of the mythical city of Palmyra, located in the heart of a Syria that is being burnt alive, the 17th annual Arab World Festival pays tribute to the vast musical and cultural heritage of that part of the world, bearing the mark of the passage over many centuries of civilizations, ethnicities, languages and religions, both rich and diverse.

Abeer Nehmé, an outstanding singer and composer who has pursued an unusual career, illustrates perfectly the diversity and harmony of this Levantine rainbow. With a passion for world music and sacred chant, she embraces the Aramaean, Syriac, Gregorian, Byzantine, Sufi, Armenian, Kurdish and Persian vocal heritage and delves tirelessly into the ancestral roots of a plural Arab civilization. With a “voice of golden nuggets” (L’Orient-Le Jour), ethereal, enchanting and timeless, Abeer excels in the art of performing both the sacred and profane repertory and juggles with disconcerting ease between traditional “tarab”, ancient songs and opera in more than 18 languages!

Lebanese by origin but a citizen of the world, Abeer Nehmé has set foot on the most prestigious stages in both East and West, including the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, the Beiteddine Art Festival, the Baalbeck International Festival, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Vatican and the Cairo Opera House, among many others. With her countless journeys to seek out various forms of world music, she has been producing a series of musical exploration documentaries titled “Ethno-Folia” on the pan-Arab TV network Al-Mayadeen.

In her first Canadian appearance, accompanied by the OktoEcho ensemble, Abeer Nehmé offers us pure vocal and musical delights in which Christian hymns dialogue with Sufi chants, Muashahat from Andalusia and Qudud from Aleppo converse with Armenian, Greek or Turkish melodies in a crescendo of excitement that reaches ecstasy, carried by the infinite spinning of the sublime whirling dervishes and their famous trance ritual that melts differences into total unity.

Divine Palmyra is an invitation to a timeless overview of a thousand and one facets’ land, a return to earlier roots so as to dream, in these dark times, of a dawn that proclaims renewal and life!

In collaboration with    La Presse Banque TD


Prices : 28$, 38$, 52$ (+taxes)

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