Mohamed Abozekry

Performing Arts

DATE : 04/11/2016 - 20h00 / 8:00 pm

LOCATION : Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts - 175, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

ENTRANCE : 25$ + Fees.

The child prodigy of the oud!

(Egypt, France)


At age 23, he is established [by his music] among the great musicians of our time. (Les Inrocks)

Picked as the “top oud player in the Arab world,” Mohamed Abozekry will dazzle the Montreal audience for the first time! A disciple of Iraqi oud master Naseer Shamma, Mohamed Abozekry quickly emerged as a young prodigy of this instrument: soon after reaching age 15, he earned a diploma with an award of excellence as a soloist from the “Arab Oud House” in Cairo and became the youngest oud teacher in the Arab world.

After mastering the repertory of classic and contemporary Arab music as well as the various traditional styles of the Turkish and Iraqi schools, Mohamed began, through various encounters, to develop his own style, blending Oriental music with jazz, blues and rock influences. Following a meeting in Cairo with French guitarist Guillaume Hogan, he headed to France to broaden his skills and to study Western musical theory. There, he created his Heejaz project, a quartet spanning Oriental music, jazz and world music. Since then, he has given numerous sold-out concerts in France, Europe, the Middle East and around the world.

His achievements include two propitious albums of rich and sumptuous compositions, at the crossroads of Arab-Andalusian influences, Middle-Eastern traditions, jazz and rock, along with Latin, Gypsy and Indian musical styles. This young virtuoso whom no barrier of style or genre seems to hold back “succeeds with insane insolence in carrying his outsize technique along paths that are supposedly inaccessible to the oud – Latin tunes, Indian beats and contemporary deconstructions.” (Les Inrocks)

A world music revelation, oud virtuoso and inventive composer, Mohamed Abozekry, accompanied by French and Montreal musicians, holds out the promise of an intoxicating, sensational and deeply moving concert.

*Mohamed Abozekry will be hosting a masterclass on Wednesday, November 2, 6 pm, at Espace Passerelle (8506 St-Denis). Free entrance.



Ticket price : 25$ //Booking : 514 842-2112 //


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