Performing Arts

DATE : 05/11/2016 - 20h00 / 8:00 pm

LOCATION : Cinquième Salle, Place Des Arts - 175, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

ENTRANCE : 25$ + Fees.

Rumi and Khayyam face to face

Regard Persan: Saeed Kamjoo (kamancheh), Ziya Tabassian (percussions), Pooria Pournazri (tanbour)
with the participation of Habib Hoseini (vocals), Nazih Borish (oud) and whirling dervishes Tanya Evanson and Farzad Attar Jafari

(Iran, Quebec, Ontario)


Khayyam said: “This wheel under which we are turning is like a magic lantern. The sun is the lamp, the world is the screen, and we are the images that pass…. Do not reproach my wine being bitter, for this bitterness is that of my life.”

And Rumi responded: “Without love the world would be lifeless. Each atom is in love with this perfection and hastens toward it. At every moment, from every side, there resounds the call of love.”

At the boundary separating Omar Khayyam’s night of despair from the sunshine of love that beams over Rumi’s world, Saeed Kamjoo ventures out in this original work, crossing contradictory and nuanced voices of a bygone Orient with a resonance that today is more powerful than ever. At the request of the Festival, the artist has created this work illustrating the spirit of the 17th edition’s theme, Aurora, songs of day deep in the night.

In a show delicately blending authenticity and innovation, sung poetry and music, dance and trance, Saeed Kamjoo and his group Regard Persan, consisting of top Canadian musicians, bring us to discover an enchanting world, musical and spiritual frescos drawn from the Arab-Persian repertory, with each fragment calling for a tomorrow in the colours of yesteryear.  A creator in a constant quest for renewal, the artist offers new compositions of the poems of Omar Khayyam and Rumi with unconventional modulations and innovative matches, far off the beaten track, creating a rich music that combine precision and subtlety, both fresh and sophisticated.

Aurores, a new and piercing look at the world!



Ticket price : 25$ // Booking : 514 842-2112 //


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