Lotfi Bouchnak

Performing Arts

DATE : 12/11/2016 - 20h00 / 8:00 pm

LOCATION : Le National - 1220 rue Ste-Catherine E.

ENTRANCE : 35$, 45$ + Fees.

Musical ensemble directed by Abdelhakim Gayed


Lotfi Bouchnak has led us to taste the subtleties of exemplary vocal art, both powerful and refined.
(Le Monde de la Musique)

It is with great honour that the Arab World Festival welcomes, for the third time, the great master Lotfi Bouchnak! An extraordinary singer, much loved throughout the Arab world, Bouchnak has vocal capabilities and a technique that enable him to hit perfection with his flights, variations, ornamentations and incomparable peaks. With an exceptional timbre and a warm and powerful voice, he succeeds in uniting extreme rigour with bold and innovative experiments.

Born in one of the oldest neighbourhood in Tunis, Lotfi Bouchnak grew up in a family of Bosnian origin. At a very early age, he performed songs by Oum Kalthoum, joined the Tunisian Musical Youth and improved his singing technique with virtuoso Ali Sriti. This learning enabled him to achieve early mastery of classical music as well as broadening his horizons to Andalusian and Turkish vocal and instrumental techniques. His thirst for discovery led him to encounter other musical genres, such as Iraqi maqâm, Sufi chants, opera, rap and even rock. He would even collaborate closely with artists such as Cheb Khaled, IAM and the heavy metal group Ruuhaaniaa! Crowned “best Arab singer” in 1997 in Washington, he gave concert after concert worldwide, performing to sold-out crowds.

Always in tune with developments in the Arab world and with its peoples’ expectations, Lotfi Bouchnak is an artist who is committed in his songs and a defender of human values such as justice, freedom, democracy and human rights, earning him the title of United Nations Messenger of Peace. In a world in turmoil, he lends his voice to the oppressed of the earth, unable to remain silent in the face of injustice. His verve and virtuosity turn into a spearhead against oppressors of all stripes. Far from rejoicing in the “Arab spring” that suddenly blinded the world, Lotfi remained lucid and kept his distance from this effervescence that gradually took on the appearance of autumn.

For devotees of Lotfi Bouchnak as well as for lovers of vocal prowess and pure sounds, this is an opportunity to attend a high-end evening and to be conquered by the artist’s ample, deep and sometimes mystical voice as well as by his refined ornamentations and by his incisive and forceful words. Lotfi Bouchnak in Montreal – to be seen and seen again!

In collaboration with   La Presse        Banque TD



Ticket price : 35$, 45$

Booking : 514 790-1245// www.admission.com

* General admission tickets, first come first served.


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