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Alchimies, Créations et Cultures establishes a space where all cultures are questioned to the core by those who take the responsibility of acknowledging the pros and cons of their traditions. They also call into question all certainties and things taken for granted. The same critical eye examining our Western and North American culture, who should take the credit for its capacity of accommodating differences, has also turned towards other cultures. It is an aesthetic approach that disrupts the norms and encourages forward-thinking and acknowledging the defeats that of present-day modernity.

This artistic institution presents current bodies of work, concerning the heritage as much as the day-to-day lives of people through original productions, whether it’s dance, music theatrical performance, multidisciplinary arts, or visual arts. It represents a myriad of tendencies and artistic orientations that allow reflection and experimentation. Alchimies, Créations et Cultures is mostly a space where people and cultures meet and exchange their rich experiences. Thus, it acts as a liaison between different cultures. As part of the Montreal Arab World Festival, as well as, as a part of its regular activities, it welcomes renowned as well as emerging artists, and mostly supports artists who are interested in or emanated from cultural diversity.

Quduq Flamenco

From the shores of Syria to the gates of Europe, in Andalusia, this original production closing the 19th season of the FMA is an an illustrious and unusual meeting of two of the greatest musical traditions of the Arab world and the West: qudud and flamenco.

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Tapis Volant, d’Alep à Bagdad

Accompanied by Canadian and American musicians, Farida and Hamam Khairy take us on a flying carpet through their infinite breeze, ceaselessly regenerating itself, that revives, if only during a brief concert, the beating heart of Aleppo and Bagdad.

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Harem d’Ilhan

Plus d’une fois et tout de grâce et d’élégance, le danseur-interprète turc de ballet oriental à la scène, Ilhan  Karabaçak, est de retour à  Montréal, dans une nouvelle création dédiée au 10e anniversaire du FMA.

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Taking a leaf out of the personal experiences, words and music of the youth in the Arab world, as well as from current burning issues, this original creation of the FMA aims at bridging the gap between divided spaces and speeches in order to re-establish a reuniting dialog.

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Le Cercle de l’Extase

Le Cercle de L’Extase (Circle of Ecstasy), cheered by the critics and by Montreal’s audience, exceptionally combines the Dervish whirling dancers of the Aleppo Oriental Ensemble, with the Gregorian singers of Saint-Grégoire School of Montreal.

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Algorythmes is a tale of words and music intertwined to tell about the torments of confrontations and the passion of discovery.  In changing the spelling of the word “algorithme” we give it new realms of meaning.  

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Harem… lever les voiles

Choreographer Benjamin Hatcher explores the meaning and symbolism of oriental dancing. What was it about belly dancing that this local creator, usually associated with works such as Duato, Paige, Balanchine and Perreault, became drawn to?

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