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“A concert rich in suggestion and exchange of tones”                                                                            Sophie Leduc, Nouvelles musicales

Algorythmes is a multidisciplinary project that brings together composers, musicians, singers and actors from the East and West.  This creation combines acclaimed local and international artists like Marcel Khalifé and his Almayadine Ensemble (Lebanon), L’Ensemble Instrumental Appassionata conducted by Daniel Myssyk (Québec), composer Katia Makdissi-Warren (Québec) and singers Oumaima Al-Khalil (Lebanon(  and Ralda Salem (Québec).

Algorythmes is a tale of words and music intertwined to tell about the torments of confrontations and the passion of discovery.  In changing the spelling of the word “algorithme” we give it new realms of meaning.  Algorythmes is not about a group of theories and instructions but it is rather an ensemble of text tuned by the narrators’ breath and by the musical inspiration.

Productions :