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Festival du monde Arabe à Montréal 2012

Alain Vadeboncoeur, Anouar Berrada, Aaron Bensoussan,
les Derviches tourneurs d’Alep / the whirling Dervishes of Aleppo
Québec, Maroc, Ontario, Syrie / Quebec, Morocco, Ontario, Syria

In 2003, the FMA fascinated its audience with the original production of Le Cercle de l’Extase (The Circle of Ecstasy), in which the liturgical traditions of East and West appeared side by side in chant, music and dance. This critically acclaimed work was presented again in 2004 as part of a triumphant North American tour.

For its 13th edition, the FMA is pushing back the limits of artistic and spiritual challenges even further, offering a true dialogue between the three faiths. Music and mystical chants from Islam, Gregorian chants and lyrical melodies from Christianity and prophetic traditions from Judaism meet in a unique and ecstatic experience.

On the occasion of this very special evening, where chant, music and dance come together, this opening to one another melts away ritual differences in a harmonious expression in three dimensions. The ethereal whirling dervishes follow the voices and melodies of an immemorial rite that leads them to euphoria.

The three traditions examine one another, gradually winning each other over, and end up recognizing themselves in the divine. God in 3D… when art succeeds in squaring the circle!