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“The Montreal Arab Festival has given itself a solid reputation by putting up creations open to the Other. And here comes the most recent: Fous de Dieu is going to be a meeting of music, spirituality and trance.”                                                                                                                                                       Alain Brunet, La Presse

For the very first time and on the same stage, the whirling Derviches of Aleppo, the gnawa ensembles of the masters Abdelkader Amlil and Hassan Boussou, the group of Musa Dieng Kala and other artists from Amerindian, African, and Arab traditions reunite to offer the public the magic of the fusion of music and sacred dances. This multidisciplinary creation that crosses Sufi traditions, gnawa from Morocco, mawlawi from Machrek, African, and Amerindian around the theme of trance gives a renaissance of ancient alliances.

Under the supervision of the Iranian Siamak Nasr, this show takes you to a musical odyssey, to interior passages that are at the same time old and recent, where the marriage of rhythms, melodies, and dance is done in an atmosphere deep and euphoric. This piece creates a mystical alchemy around the creativity of the masters.

In this show you will find rhythms, melodies, chants, dances, as well as traditional and subtle instruments. All this takes place in the memories of diverse civilizations searching for the route to the divine… or the Other. Montreal has a date with this great sacred festival, a show that will make the most skeptical persons dance. Fous de Dieu is a communion by transe!