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“Two traditions, that initially seem distant, have entered into a superb dialogue…The Circle of Ecstasy has joined the East and the West through spirituality…”                                                      Nicolas Houle, Le Soleil

“A lyrical experience absolutely magical…”                                                                                            Solange Levesque, Le Devoir

“This Sunday concert has been impressive…”                                                                                            Alain Burnet, La Presse

Le Cercle de L’Extase (Circle of Ecstasy), cheered by the critics and by Montreal’s audience, exceptionally combines the Dervish whirling dancers of the Aleppo Oriental Ensemble, with the Gregorian singers of Saint-Grégoire School of Montreal.  It is a magnificent spectacle in which singing, dancing and music unite in a harmonious marriage and constitute a real artistic and spiritual dialogue between the mysticism of Islam and the liturgical tradition of Christianity.  It’s a unique artistic blend of two sacred ingredients, and a debate that melts the ritual differences in a harmonious duet.  The power of Western liturgy joins the ritual music and singing of the East and becomes a unified ray of wisdom leading us to universal ecstasy.

The Dervish whirling dancers, move on stage with their bodies, creating beams of light, almost as if they don’t have physical bodies, but rather astral ones.  They follow the deep voice of the singer and the melody, and move around the stage according to an ancient ritual which leads them towards rapture.  Their meditating dance is accompanied by Gregorian voices led by Jean-Pierre Noiseux.  The two sacred traditions merge  little by little, mutually examining one another.  They conclude by uniting in the divine, thus proving that the violence generated by cultural clashes can be counter-acted by the creative power generated by such a project.