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“With her voice of extensive pitch, she is capable of singing the finest ornamentations, sudden excursions, breathtaking throat effects, an extreme precision in micro tonality and, above all, of transmitting strong emotions without dramatization.” (Yves Bernard, Le Devoir)

Munir Bashir, “musician of wisdom” and incontestable master of the oud, is deceased in 1997. Nevertheless, he has survived through the enormous musical heritage placed carefully in the hands of his disciples, particularly his son Omar Bashir, one of the most brilliant composers of today’s Arab world. Accompanied by his fellows Turo Andras and Petz Balint, Bashir offers to the FMA public a music which completes the eternal work of the master, Roots of Flamenco.

As a premiere in Montreal, this unique concert reunites the famous composer and oudist Omar Bashir, the Arab diva Farida, the Ensemble of Irakian maqam directed by Mohamad Gomar, Hungarian artists Turo Andras and Petz Balint, and the Montreal orchestra OktoEcho.

Merging musical memories and colors from multiple époques and cultures in interpretations transcending from times and identities, Gomar finds in flamenco the perfect creative potential to demonstrate the cross-culture between Orient and Occident.

This is an ambitious creation in which the maqam and flamenco interweave harmoniously woven by the hands of masters in heavily andalusian spirits. Maqam flamenco is everything but a forced marriage!