Alchimies, Créations et Cultures establishes a space where all cultures are questioned to the core by those who take the responsibility of acknowledging the pros and cons of their traditions. They also call into question all certainties and things taken for granted. The same critical eye examining our Western and North American culture, who should take the credit for its capacity of accommodating differences, has also turned towards other cultures. It is an aesthetic approach that disrupts the norms and encourages forward-thinking and acknowledging the defeats that of present-day modernity.

This artistic institution presents current bodies of work, concerning the heritage as much as the day-to-day lives of people through original productions, whether it’s dance, music theatrical performance, multidisciplinary arts, or visual arts. It represents a myriad of tendencies and artistic orientations that allow reflection and experimentation. Alchimies, Créations et Cultures is mostly a space where people and cultures meet and exchange their rich experiences. Thus, it acts as a liaison between different cultures. As part of the Montreal Arab World Festival, as well as, as a part of its regular activities, it welcomes renowned as well as emerging artists, and mostly supports artists who are interested in or emanated from cultural diversity.

Maqam Flamenco

This is an ambitious creation in which the maqam and flamenco interweave harmoniously woven by the hands of masters in heavily andalusian spirits. Maqam flamenco is everything but a forced marriage!

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Fous De Dieu

In this show you will find rhythms, melodies, chants, dances, as well as traditional and subtle instruments. All this takes place in the memories of diverse civilizations searching for the route to the divine… or the Other.

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Les Trois Magnifiques

Que se passe-t-il quand trois éminents artistes apprennent à se connaître, chacun prenant le temps de s’immerger dans la technique de jeu des deux autres, d’explorer leur répertoire, d’oser l’inédit?

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Je me souviens

Common themes (birth, marriage, love, mourning, war, etc.) feed the musical and choreographic narrative in a spontaneous encounter between two memories that familiarize with each other at festive times.

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Dieu en 3D

The three traditions examine one another, gradually winning each other over, and end up recognizing themselves in the divine. God in 3D… when art succeeds in squaring the circle!

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This work recreates tribal practices, whether nomadic or sedentary, along with wanderings and solidarities forged both in the desert and on the web!

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Yamal El Sham

Yamal El Sham promises to be a prayer of pure joy, a song from saddened hearts that will nevertheless defy despair and celebrate the eternal return of the Divine, of Beauty and Life.

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