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Original production with Carlos Piñana, Celia Romero, Miguel Angel Orengo Vicente, Ahmad Azrak and Abdel Karim Hamdan
Orchestre OktoEcho under the direction of Carlos Piñana and Katia Makdissi-Warren
Dance: Tanya Evanson (whirling dervish) and Rosanne Dion (Flamenco)

Sunday, November 11, Théâtre Maisonneuve
Closing event
(Spain, Syria, Québec)

From the shores of Syria to the gates of Europe, in Andalusia, this original production closing the 19th season of the FMA is an an illustrious and unusual meeting of two of the greatest musical traditions of the Arab world and the West: qudud and flamenco.

This original and highly promising work was written by guitarist and composer Carlos Piñana, one of the 21st century’s most sought-after flamenco artists, borne by the dazzling voices of three singers who stand out with their captivating charisma and outstanding vocal prowess, backed by the OktoEcho band under the direction of Katia Makdissi-Warren.

A dark jewel with a husky and silky voice, Spanish singer Celia Romero gained her spurs on Europe’s best known flamenco stages. A disciple coveted by today’s greatest flamenco voices, she received the prestigious Lámpara Minera award while barely 16 years old. Since then, she has persistently taken up the most varied and ambitious projects in the genre, engaging in numerous collaborations with the most famous artists.

A native of the sumptuous city of Aleppo with its multi-thousand-year history, the fascinating Abdel Karim Hamdan who left his mark on the very popular show Arab Idol, will step onto the Canadian stages for the first time. The musical trances induced by his voice give him a powerful stage presence that drives audience into cycles of endless ecstasy. The beguiling Ahmad Azrak, who conveys the most precious treasures of the Levantine heritage with such ease as to border on insolence, will join him on stage. Mawwal and qudud vocal numbers stream fluently from this singer with his irresistible flow of sound that has left its mark on several FMA productions from le Cercle de l’extase to Alep Ya la-lalli, stirring the clamour and delirium of the audience!

It is therefore under the sign of virtuosity and boldness that the fleeting and impetuous moment constituted by Qudud Flamenco will truly shine. The Adonis with a resounding voice and the Carmen with songs made of flesh, a duet among the most glamorous, engages with flair, under the masterful direction of Carlos Piñana, in a dialogue made of ecstasies and rhythms, where Andalusian duendes and Levantine inspirations are juxtaposed in a true moment of musical discharge, with sounds blazing and mingling in a fire crackling with passion.