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Groupe El Ferda, Sahba Lachgar, Abderrahmen Chikhaoui, Kim Girouard
Algérie, Égypte, Tunisie, Québec / Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Quebec

Tribales, the FMA’s 14th original production, is nurtured by Bedouin, Arab and Berber traditions as well as by Nubian influences from the desert and contemporary tribal inspirations.

The Algerian group El Ferda, known in Montreal for its stunning performance at the 2006 FMA, offers music that leave spectators swaying to Sufi chants and shaking to Gnawa and African beats.

Through the troupe’s rhythmic variations, there emerges the nomadic voice of Egyptian singer Donia Massoud, who performs folk songs from Nubian tribes in a voyage of exploration ranging from the Suez Canal to Upper Egypt. Also in itinerant mode, Tunisia’s Abderrahmen Chikhaoui offers a unique interpretation of songs of praise, warriors’ incantations and solitary chants of the travelling camel driver. Bedouin tempos, ritual ceremonies and tribal flavours sketch the outlines of Kim Girouard’s choreography, delivering a crossing of ethnic dances based on a contemporary language.

Tribales remakes our eternal origins and goes back, in sound and movement, to ancestral and contemporary legends, in East and West alike. This work recreates tribal practices, whether nomadic or sedentary, along with wanderings and solidarities forged both in the desert and on the web!