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Hommage aux peuples du « Printemps arabe »
Tribute to the peoples of the “Arab spring ”
Naseer Shamma, Lena Chamamyan, Charbel Rouhana, Nadir Dendoune, OktoEcho Ensemble
Irak, Syrie, Liban, Québec, France / Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Quebec, France

“ Yamal El Sham ” is the name of a famous song from the Syrian musical heritage and also from the heritage of the golden age of a once prosperous Arab world.

At the closing of its 14th edition, the FMA invites top Arab artists, emblematic figures in their countries, to pay tribute to these peoples who were torn from their springtime dreams and who bear witness, powerless, to the sight of their destiny. Yamal El Sham is intended as a hymn to those in Syria or Iraq, in Egypt, Palestine or Lebanon, living under the yoke of oppression, but who nevertheless continue to resist, to demand, to desire!

Naseer Shamma, a living legend of the oud and a longtime advocate of emancipation of the Arab people through words and music, will give an outstanding performance under the sign of hope. He will be joined by Lena Chamamyan, the Syrian-Armenian artist with a divine voice, the Lebanese oud master Charbel Rouhana and the Montreal ensemble OktoEcho led by Katia Warren.

Yamal El Sham promises to be a prayer of pure joy, a song from saddened hearts that will nevertheless defy despair and celebrate the eternal return of the Divine, of Beauty and Life.