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“We must all indulge in a few follies if we are to make reality bearable.”  (Marcel Proust)

It has been 15 years since the “alien” FMA took to the road.

Showing enthusiasm, courage and determination, sometimes tinged with a touch of impudence, it has travelled along foggy or deserted roads, finding itself on roller-coaster rides or in dead ends, without ever letting despair or lethargy break its pace or prevent its caravan from reaching its favourite destination: the stage!

Today, it is these years of wandering that the Festival wishes to celebrate with its audiences – years of meandering into Utopia, into a Harem at the edge of the forbidden or into an Espace zéro made up ofAndalusian liaisons, dreaming of Rebel Prophets who turn the violence of Razzias and the absurdity ofGibberish into creative Crossed Memories.

*   *   *

In his ever-lasting purgatory, the alien is not fully from here nor fully from elsewhere. More than ever, he embodies a “citizen of the world” who has lost his real home over the long journey separating departure from arrival, the centre from the outer edge. The mutant of globalization lives on back roads and passageways of expectation. But are in these hinterland crossroads not the places where may be found the mysterious, the fantastic, the unusual and the extraordinary? Is it not in this Kingdom of the Unknown where the Other is the sole bearer of certainty, where there flourish improbable crossovers and fabulous gatherings?

15 folies métèques marks the 15th year of an atypical and unpredictable event that remains faithful to its raisons d’être: a glance, both proud and critical, at the homes we have left behind and a hand that strikes boldly at the doors of the new dwelling.

The 15th FMA promotes artists with shoes worn out by travel, people who have never stopped believing that their destination is just a few steps, a few words or a few notes further. Through their alien follies, we are all headed to a new world, interspersed with “gardens of lights” where alchemy has been operating for 15 years and will operate for many years to come.

Enjoy the Festival!

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