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Noon in the world – 20 years of acrobatics


Theme of the 20th edition of the Festival du Monde Arabe

Beneath a blazing sun, a tightrope walker teeters on a suspended wire. Raised above the abyss of the city, on these heights of ambition, she gives vertigo true meaning.

Noon stretches like a conspicuous sight over the world. No longer is there any shade, any illusion. When the fireball reaches its zenith, hanging over earth and heaven, sunsets and sunrises fuse into a blinding lucidity!

The suspension bridges we thought were firm and solid are just narrow wires on which the impertinent tightrope walker, who strives to defy the laws of gravity and identity, pirouettes with grace and courage. As her compasses sound off madly, this warrior of the improbable does the impossible to avoid being syphoned off into the abyss of sameness.

The FMA clearly is not in the circus business. But to escape the grip of a hostile and threatening reality, it has not hesitated to come up with all manner of contortions and gymnastics, with an artistic smile and a combative bearing. And the show goes on, despite the unseen pains and cramps that resilience requires. Advancing, again and again, at the risk of falling. For the beauty of the act, but also out of necessity.

In 20 years of existence, so many celebrations, dreams, moments of joy and sincere and tenacious explorations. But also plenty of disappointments, a heap of troubles over the course of the years, whether apocalyptic (2001) or furious (since 2007), and tottering in the face of abysses that are dug and twisted in keeping with the tremors and moods generated by fear.

Both humble and proud, without making concessions, the FMA has managed to overcome numerous storms without ever swooning. Relying on the creative strength and the determination of its team, drawing on the energy of its artists, mad dreamers and catalysts of disciplines and styles, the Festival has allowed itself, throughout its 20 years, to indulge in its alchemistic whims and in the temptations of the most fearless of aesthetics.

But the FMA owes its agility, a source of its survival and of the radiance of its feats, above all to the enthusiastic regard of its audience which, despite short-lived hesitations, has not lacked discernment when it comes to the place it deserves to occupy on the Québec artistic scene.

For this 20th anniversary, here then is the show “Noon in the world, 20 years of acrobatics” in which, for nearly a month, singers, musicians dancers, actors, writers and subversive thinkers take part in this dance that tempts the void like matadors facing the implacable bull of terror.

Enjoy the Festival!