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Theme of the 13th Festival du Monde Arabe

And what if Planet Earth really were flat? This would leave us with Atlantis, Eldorado, the mythical Andalusia, the American dream or else a Montreal that is sublimated as much as experienced, called Utopia for the duration of the 13th annual Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal.

Utopia embodies a land of possibilities, a world inhabited by musicians, music-lovers, dancers and actors – each of them different, each from here or elsewhere. This quest for the improbable, at the crossroads of cultures and religions, outlines a human, spiritual and artistic voice bound for a place that lies beyond time, outside the law, “anywhere out of the
world” as Baudelaire might say.

Like an inverted mirror, Utopia reflects the foibles of a chaotic world, hardened by the most absurd conflicts. The City will have its doors wide open to people chasing daydreams, with new creations, shows, debates and films that stir both fascination and questioning.

The 13th FMA is a trip that will introduce you to a dream-like and ephemeral world without limits. Give up on your certainties and savour the forbidden fruits of imagination!

We wish you an excellent journey!